Selecting things for your home from mass-produced furniture can feel exasperating as all the homewares and furniture that you can find around you have the same monotonous and repetitive designs. Your home deserves much more, like The Exquisite Few.

Situated in the beautiful country side of Victoria, The Exquisite Few is a place where you can find everything  you want to decorate your lovely home with. Our online designer furniture and homewares store carries a collection of handpicked unique designs which can absolutely satisfy your love for unique things.

Our homewares are woven with the finest linen and the decor pieces are a statement of exquisite craftsmanship to give your home the grandeur yet minimalism, luxury, and most importantly, functionality that you will ever need.

We find inspiration in nature and our surroundings to create interiors that reflect your personality. And our belief in originality and creativity will resonate perfectly with the vision of your dream home .

We don’t want to be the type of store that sells “run of the mill” products. And we don’t want to compete either, with stores that sell hundreds and hundreds of products. That’s why, we, as designers have hand picked only a few select pieces to add to your beautiful possessions. And it gets better.

Our Look Book aims to provide you with free “Designed Room Packages”, which basically takes all the guess work out of your choices, as it is specially put together by a designer. So basically you pay only for the products minus the designer’s fee.

We don’t stand for mass produced products that line shelves, fill your house and finally end up in landfill. Our aim is to provide you with exclusivity, the sort of pieces that you don’t come across daily, the sort you will cling to and cherish for the rest of your life. That is is our mission. So there it is……The Exquisite Few.


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