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Why design?

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I am sure most of us have at least one point of our lives seen an object, piece of clothing or building which has captured our attention and kept us mesmerized with its beauty or the actual function of it. We are drawn to designed objects. It could be its shape, its color, the pattern or it could be something that we just can't really put our finger on. But have you thought for a second about the person who actually designs it? Who are they? What inspires them and how does their brain work? We have plenty of well-known designers who have created a following for themselves, much to their credit. They have been very successful in transforming that "tiny little thought" into actual tactile objects. And then there is a whole set of other designers, who use a combination of those tactile objects to create yet another new setting or space where humans can live and work. And why do they do it? They derive joy in creating. Some designers love the actual process of designing itself. And others revel in the glory of the final product.

These designers or can we call them "creators" all have a very big role to play in our everyday lives. Because without their creative minds, life would just not be the same. Can you imagine the world without art and beauty in it. Even down to your phone, it is the workmanship of minds that think way beyond the ordinary. Think of the impossible and make it possible. And where does the inspiration come from? Well, it definitely has to be from what is around them, nature and the environment. So from that we can deduce that nothing came to be on its own. It was created.

I hope that the next time you appreciate any little thing around you, please give a thought to the "creator" or "designer" for the countless hours of brain power that went into the making of the object, space or building. 


Why design